Add Solar Panels To Your RV And Set Yourself Free


The main appeal of an RV is the freedom of the open road and the ability to experience nature in comfort and security. However, electric power needs force many RV owners to either remain close to RV parks for their charging stations, or listen to the disruptive sound of a generator when an ideal spot is found to bask in the sights and sounds of nature.

Solar panels for the RV may be the answer, because they solve multiple issues related to electric consumption. They free the RV owner from being tethered to RV parks when they travel, and eliminate or minimize the need for propane or gas generators that disturb the serenity of a natural setting. In addition, generating electricity from the sun allows the RV owner to maintain a lower carbon footprint, by saving both RV fuel and generator fuel to generate electricity.

What type of solar power system should you buy for your RV?

The type of solar system you buy will depend on several factors, including:

  • Initial price.

A single solar panel, along with accessories may be relatively inexpensive, while a system designed to meet nearly all of the electric power needs will cost thousands of dollars.

  • Electric power needs.

If an RV owner just wants to keep the batteries at full charge while the RV's primary charging system handles the main load, a solar "trickle" charger may be the best bet. This is a self-contained unit, with all accessories included. A small solar panel is connected directly to the "house" batteries to keep them at full charge. This is a purely supplemental system.

Some RV owners may wish to add enough panels to charge low consumption items such as lights and phone chargers, but use the RV's generator or a portable generator for power hungry appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves.

If an RV owner wants to supply all of their electricity with solar panels, they must be creative in finding enough surface space to place the required number of panels. However, solar panels made for RV use are available in many shapes that conform with RV bodies, and solar panel technology is advancing both in power generating efficiency and in the flexibility of the panels to mold themselves to rounded surfaces, So it is possible, with mindful use of electrical appliances, for an RV owner to meet all of their electricity needs with solar power.

Ultimately, the decision to add solar panels will depend on the owner's willingness to pay the initial costs, their concern for the environment, and the extent of their desire for solitude and freedom from the shackles of the charging station at the RV park. To learn more, contact Auto-Truck Services Inc. 


24 April 2015

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