Vehicle Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore


When your vehicle does something out of the ordinary, a trip to an auto repair shop usually pinpoints the trouble and the vehicle gets repaired. Many times people will continue driving their vehicle until they are able to get it to an appointment. There are a few instances when you should pull your vehicle to the side of the road and call a tow truck to bring your car to your auto repair shop. Here are a few times where it would be best to stop driving your vehicle immediately.

Trouble Stopping

If you find that your brakes are having difficulty working properly, it is not worth the risk to continue driving to your destination. There could possibly be a leak in your brake line. If you continued driving, any fluid in the line would drip out, eventually causing you to not be able to come to a stop. Stop driving your vehicle at the first sign that the brakes are failing; save yourself and your vehicle from unnecessary demise.

Steering Problems

If you can no longer steer your vehicle in the direction you wish with ease, there are several different parts within the vehicle that could be the reason. Your power steering pump could have failed, causing it to be very hard to turn your steering wheel. If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road and you need to keep turning your steering wheel in the opposite direction to keep your vehicle on the road, the tie rod ends, strut bearings, or tires could be the reason.

If your tie rod were to break, you would lose control of your vehicle, possibly causing an accident. Because of this risk, get your vehicle off of the road as soon as you notice problems with the steering.

Fuel Odor

If you smell fuel and you did not recently fill up your gas tank, pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and get out of it right away. There are a few spots within your fuel system where gas could leak out if parts start to deteriorate with age, such as if a fuel injection line or fuel line becomes cracked or decayed. If you are idling your vehicle and gas is dripping out from underneath, it is a potential fire hazard. As soon as you smell fuel, get your vehicle into a repair shop to have it evaluated. To learn more, contact H & S Tire & Auto Center


26 April 2015

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