Don'T Fall for These Two Dealership Repair Myths


Many people wrongly believe that dealerships do not know how to do major repairs, and take longer to fix your vehicle than independent auto repair shops. There two myths are not true. Here is the truth behind these two major dealership repair myths.

Myth #1: Dealership Mechanics Don't Know How to Do Major Repairs

Many people wrongly assume that their local dealership can only do routine jobs. However, the mechanics that work at your local dealership are as well trained as any other mechanic out there. In fact, there is a good chance that the mechanics at your local dealership actually have additional training in the specific brand that they house. The mechanics at your local dealership have the knowledge and experience to perform major repairs.

Additionally, dealership mechanics only use parts that were approved and created by the original manufacture of your car when they do replacements. They are exactly the place you do want to go when you are facing a major repair, because they can replace the damaged parts in your vehicle with the highest quality parts available.

Myth #2: Dealerships Take Longer to Fix Your Vehicle Than Independent Garages

How long it will take the dealership, or any auto shop to fix your vehicle, is based on a wide range of factors. The fact that you are taking your vehicle to the dealership has no bearing on how long it will take your vehicle to be repaired.

One of the major factors that affects repair time is the availability of parts. If the dealership or auto body shop that you take your vehicle to has the parts on hand to fix your vehicle, and does not have to order them, your repair will take less time.

The second major factor that affects repair time is how long it actually takes to do your repair. When providing repair time quotes, most mechanics use the manufactures recommended repair time. They may be able to get it done quicker, but generally, most repairs fall within the recommended time.

The third major factor that affects repair time is how busy the shop is. This is something the shop should be able to fill you in on when you schedule your appointment. Most shops, such as Foley Auto & RV Repair, will let you know if you will have to wait a few days or if they are working on multiple large repair jobs. It may take a little longer to get your vehicle repaired at a shop that is especially busy.

The main take away is that how long it will take any shop to do your repairs is based on the availability of the parts that they need, the time it takes to do your repair, and how many jobs are in front of you. It has nothing to do with the shop being a dealership or an independent auto body shop.

Don't let these two common myths hold you back from taking your vehicle to your local dealership for a major repair job. Dealerships have highly-trained mechanics on hand who have the skills and expertise to do large repair jobs. 


5 May 2015

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