How To Replace Windshield Wipers


Like all moving car parts, windshield wipers will wear down over time and become less effective, and will need to be replaced. You should replace your wipers after a year or so, when the blade no longer makes proper contact with the windshield, though the actual lifespan of the wiper blade will depend on climate and usage.

Before You Begin

You may need a flat head screwdriver to replace your wipers, but this will depend on your car and the model of wiper. You will need replacement wipers, which you can find by either by bringing the old wiper blade into the auto parts store, or checking your owner's manual to determine which models of wipers fit your car.

Replacing the Wipers

Remove the windshield wipers from the arm. This can done in three different ways, depending on the type of connection that your car's wiper arms have:

  • Bayonet Arm: There should be a locking lever that holds the blade in place. Raise it upwards, and slide the blade out.
  • Side Pin Arm: These wiper arms have a small spring-loaded button on the side. Using the screwdriver, press the button down while simultaneously pulling on the blade to remove it from the arm.
  • Universal Slide Arm: These wiper arms have a lever on the bottom of the arm, near the surface of the hood. Press the lever downwards and pull the blade down towards the base of the arm to remove it.

Take your replacement wiper blades and install them on the newly vacated wiper arms. Each specific pair of windshield wipers will come with a set of instructions that detail how they should be properly installed, but the process is almost always the opposite of how you removed the old wipers:

  • Bayonet Arm: Slide the new blade toward the bottom of the arm until it stops, and then lower the lever so that it snaps into place.
  • Side Pin Arm: Line up the pin and the hole in the wiper blade, and push the pin through. It will automatically lock when properly in place.
  • Universal Slide Arm: Slide the wiper blade downwards, so that the hook on the wiper arm will snap onto the blade and hold it fast.

Once you have installed the wipers, spray water on your windshield and run the wipers for a few minutes to ensure that they have proper contact with the glass and are completely secure. If not, double check the installation instructions to ensure that the blades are properly in place, and adjust as needed.

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6 May 2015

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