4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Brakes


One repair that you absolutely cannot avoid as a car owner is a brake job. However, you can extend the time between buying new brakes and the need to have them repaired. Here are some tips for extending the lifespan of your brakes. 

Obey the Speed Limits

Speed limits are not just good for ensuring that everyone on the road is driving safely on that particular road, but they can also help preserve your brakes. Speeding and then braking can increase the wear and tear on your brakes. The sudden need to drop your speed to a lower rate can build up heat, which can be damaging to your brakes. 

Do Not Be a Follower

If you stop when you notice the car ahead of you has, you are like many other drivers. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to determine if you need to brake. The driver ahead of you could be reacting to something that will have no impact on you. Instead of braking in response to another driver's braking, use your own judgment. You can take your foot off the accelerator and coast while judging whether or not you should brake. 

Opt for the Upgrade

Ideally, you do not want to spend a lot on a brake job. However, it is important that you are not sacrificing quality to keep money in your wallet. By opting for the better brakes now, you can save money later. Higher quality brakes last longer and even work better, which means that the time between your brake jobs is extended. 

Rely on Your Memory

If you are driving the same route daily, try to memorize the areas in which other drivers tend to brake a lot. You can use those memories to plan the best way for you to travel that route without laying on your brakes repeatedly. For instance, if you notice that everyone usually brakes when traveling a certain curve, you can plan ahead and get in the other lane so that you do not have to hit your brakes, too. You could even opt to slow down and coast through the curve. 

Taking care of your brakes now can save you money later. Talk to your mechanic about other useful things you can do to preserve the life of your brakes. With skill and good fortune, you and your brakes can go the suggested distance from the manufacturer. For more information, talk to a professional like Alignment Center.


13 May 2015

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