How To Replace The Transmisson Fluid On A Pickup Truck


Replacing deteriorated transmission fluid in your pickup truck can help your transmission last a long time. You should check your transmission fluid if your pickup truck starts to hesitate or if you hear noise when the truck shifts gears. If the transmission fluid looks discolored (it is usually reddish in color), cloudy, or muddy, you should change the fluid immediately. Here is how you can change the transmission fluid in a pickup truck.

You Will Need:

  • New Transmission Fluid
  • Catch Basin
  • New Crush Washer

Remove Transmission Fluid

You will want to warm up the transmission fluid so it flows better out of the drain hole. A quick drive around town for 20 – 30 minutes should do it. Park the pickup on a level surface and remove the drain plug from underneath the transmission – you should consult your owner's manual for the exact location of the plug.

Make sure you have placed a catch basin under the plug before you remove it so the transmission fluid doesn't leak all over the ground. Remember, the fluid will be hot, so make sure you are wearing protective gloves and eye wear in case the fluid splashes on you when you remove the drain plug.

After you've removed the drain plug, open the hood of your pickup and remove the transmission fill cap to reduce air pressure in the transmission to allow for better fluid flow out of the drain hole.

You should inspect the old fluid for large pieces of metal chips (tiny pieces are normal). If you find any, you should take the pickup to a transmission specialist (large chips are a sign that the transmission is about to break down and you may need major repair work done to avoid serious problems later).

Replacing Transmission Fluid

You should clean the drain plug and fill cap of any debris before you replace them. You should replace the old crush washer on the drain plug with a new one to get a proper seal so the transmission oil doesn't leak out around the plug. Screw the drain plug and crush washer into position.

Check your owner's manual for how much transmission fluid you will need to replace the old fluid. Pour the transmission fluid into the pickup truck and replace the cap.

You will want to take another 20-30 minute drive around town before checking the fluid level – cold transmission fluid will give you a false reading.

Transmission fluid is a hazardous material. You can take the old transmission fluid to a service station or a hazardous waste dumping location to get rid of it (usually you'll have to pay a nominal charge) to complete the job.

For professional transmission help, contact a company such as Color Country Diesel Inc.


7 July 2015

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