There Are Different Levels Of Auto Restoration You Can Choose From


If you are a classic car lover, you want your own classic car to be as beautiful as possible. To do that, you need to get it restored. There are different levels of auto restoration that you can choose to use for your car. 

Full Concours

A full concours restoration is the most extensive restoration that you can choose. Generally a car that has been restored this way is only going to be a showpiece and never be driven again. If a car that has been through this restoration, it will be judged as a 100 on a 100 point scale. This is also the most expensive kind of restoration that you can get. 

The reason that this process is so extensive and expensive is all the work that goes into it. Not only will the restoration shop take off and repair any parts necessary, they will also go out and find original parts. For example, for a classic foreign car from the 1960s, the restoration company will find parts that were made for that brand and model car in that year. The restorer will also try to get as many numbers matching parts as possible. These parts will all match model numbers and VINs. If a number of a part matches the VIN of the car, that generally means that it is an original part. It can take several months to fully restore a car, depending on how rare the parts are. 


Show restoration is the next step down from a full concours restoration. These cars will have no major flaws and will visually look near perfect. However, they may have some minor flaws, which could include things like the upholstery not being the exact color it would have when your car was first manufactured. Replacement parts should be as original as possible, but some OEM parts may be acceptable, especially if they are not visible. The car should be able to score around a 90 or higher on a judging scale. These cars may or may not be driven on a limited basis. 


Street restorations are for people who want to be able to enjoy and drive their car on a regular basis. If you choose to go with a street restoration, your car will look like it was brand new, but the parts may be replica parts or OEM. In a street restoration, the goal is to make sure that your car street legal while still staying true to its original look. You should still be able to show your car in street shows with no problem. 

If you have a classic car, you want to make it look as beautiful as it did when it first drove off the lot. You have plenty restoration choices to choose from. Contact a company like Porsche Services to get started.


23 October 2015

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