3 Things That Can Cause Car Gears To Slowly Shift


Is there a brief delay before your car finally goes into the correct gear? You must understand that fear problems are related to there being something wrong with the transmission, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the transmission is damaged. Parts in your car that are responsible for helping the transmission function can also be the root of the problem. This article explains a few things that can become problematic for an automatic transmission and cause delayed gear shifting.

An Insufficient Amount of Transmission Fluid

When there is an insufficient amount of transmission fluid in your car, it can lead to the transmission not functioning properly. Transmission fluid is actually one of the main things that power the transmission up. Basically, the torque converter obtains the fluid from a hydraulic cylinder and sends it through the engine to be converted to useable energy. The transmission then takes the energy from the engine for powering up the gears. If you know that the transmission fluid is not low because it was recently placed inside of your car, you might need to get the hydraulic cylinder inspected for cracks in case there is leakage.

The Engine Does Not Function Properly

Due to the transmission depending on the engine for power, the engine must be in good shape in order for gears to properly shift. A bad radiator is of one the things that can lead to engine problems, as it is where the coolant is stored that prevents engine parts from creating friction. The coolant is also vital for preventing the engine from overheating. A mechanic can inspect the radiator to determine if should be replaced, or if your vehicle is only in need of more coolant. A radiator might need to be replaced when it has become rusty, as the rust contaminates coolant and can damage engine parts.

Engine Oil is Contaminated

Your car must have engine oil to lubricate the engine, as car parts can rub against each other and get damaged without it. An excessive amount of friction is also created when engine parts rub together, which can contribute to the engine overheating. It is possible that you need to get the oil filter cleaned or replaced if it is contaminated and not properly lubricating the engine. Contaminated oil can also interfere with the transmission being able to obtain a sufficient amount of energy for gear operation. Take your car to a mechanic to pinpoint what is causing slow gear-shifting.  


15 May 2016

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