3 Warning Signs that Your Suspension Needs to be Replaced


Your suspension helps you control your vehicle, especially when you need to turn or stop. Suspension systems are often referred to by the parts that make up the whole system, such as struts or shocks. Here are a few signs that your suspension system needs to be upgraded.

#1 You Can Feel Every Bump

When you drive down the road, you should not be able to feel every little bump and divot that you run over. Your vehicle should be able to absorb most of the little bumps and holes in the road. If you feel like you can feel every little bump that your vehicle drives over, that is a very strong sign that the suspension needs a little work. 

#2 Your Vehicle Drifts When You Turn

Your suspension is one component that allows you to turn your vehicle smoothly. When your system starts to fail, you'll notice that your vehicle does not feel as smooth when you make a turn. When your suspension is going out, you will feel like your car is always pulling or drifting in the direction that you are turning. This happens because your car's suspension is wearing out and is no longer able to keep your vehicle centered and stable. Not only does this make turning feel awkward, but it also increases the chance that your vehicle may flip or roll over.

#3 You Can Feel Your Vehicle Nose Diving When You Stop

Your suspension also helps your vehicle stop effectively. When you have to firmly press on your brakes, you may feel like your vehicle pulls forward a tiny bit and then stops. This feeling is generally very minimal because your vehicle's suspension absorbs the transfer of weight that occurs when you have to suddenly stop. When your vehicle's suspension is going out, it is not able to absorb the force of you stopping suddenly. Instead, when you hit your brakes, you will feel your vehicle lurch forward and then the front end will tip forward or nose dive when you stop quickly. This will make it more difficult for you to stop effectively and will cause additional damage to your suspension as well as other components of your vehicle.

If you feel like you are able to feel every little bump, turn, and stop a little too much, the suspension in your vehicle may be failing. Take it to a local mechanic to confirm your self-diagnosis and to get your suspension fixed. 


11 August 2016

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