Signs That Your BMW Has A Muffler Problem


Your BMW's muffler is an essential part of your entire exhaust system; and, when something goes wrong, it can affect everything from the exhaust valves down to the tailpipe. While its primary job is reduce noise, much more can happen when your muffler gets a hole or detaches from the pipes. However, a muffler failure isn't always obvious. Here are the signs of a failing muffler and how it affects your engine.

Excessive Noise

For most people, when there's a hole or leak anywhere in the exhaust system at or before the muffler, the engine will be extremely loud. However, the volume and sound can vary from model to model. The sound can also vary depending on how big the leak is. Not only is the noise annoying, it can also cause an automatic fail if you are required to get a smog check.


A hole or leak in the exhaust system can cause exhaust back-pressure problems. You may also hear backfiring, especially as you decelerate. Misfiring can also have a damaging effect on your catalytic converter. If it is bad enough, then your check-engine light may also come on.

Sluggish Performance

Because a leak in the muffler can affect the exhaust valves and cause a misfire, it can also affect engine performance. You may find that your BMW hesitates on acceleration and seems to have less power than usual. This problem will get progressively worse until the exhaust system is fixed.

Reduction in Fuel Mileage

Misfiring and sluggish performances are both signs that your engine's combustion process is compromised. You'll likely notice that you are filling up the gas tank more than usual or that your gas mileage gauge, if you have one, shows a lower number.

Bad Smell

One of the muffler's jobs is to direct exhaust further down the tailpipe so it exits at or near the rear of the car. However, if there's a leak at or near the muffler, then that means that exhaust is escaping at the wrong location. You'll likely notice either exhaust or a bad smell entering your vehicle because the leak is closer to the front of the car.

If you don't get your muffler fixed, then it could be detrimental to the rest of your exhaust system. You will also be dealing with poor engine performance and fuel mileage that would cost you money. You should contact a company that specializes in BMWs, like August European, for more help. If you want to make sure your BMW is repaired correctly, then have it repaired by a mechanic experienced with working on these makes.


24 September 2018

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