Four Ways Your Vehicle Can Benefit From Upholstery Services


Whether you are the proud owner of a vintage classic car or you just want to keep your modern vehicle in top condition, it's important to properly care for your upholstery. Here is a look at four upholstery services your vehicle may be in need of.

Upholstery Cleaning

No matter how diligent you are in trying to keep your car clean, it still gets dirty. People who have long commutes or spend a lot of time on the road as traveling salespersons usually have no choice but to eat or drink in their vehicles. Spills happen. Crumbs drop. Greasy fingers get mindlessly wiped on the seat. And if you have children, their sticky messes are virtually unavoidable. Before you know, your once-immaculate vehicle is now a yucky magnet for even more dirt! Professional automobile upholstery cleaners can get your upholstery looking and smelling brand-new again.

Upholstery Repair

Rips, stains, and cigarette burns in your automobile's upholstery are not only unsightly, but they also reduce the resale value when you decide to sell it. This is especially true with classic cars. Whether your upholstery is made from leather, vinyl, or cloth, an expert auto upholsterer will be able to discreetly patch and repair any nicks or blemished areas.

Upholstery Replacement

There are a few reasons some car owners opt for total replacement of their vehicle's upholstery. One is they would like their seats to be a different material. For example, while vinyl is inexpensive and easy to clean, it isn't suitable for some climates. In extremely cold climates, it can lead to unsightly cracks. In extremely hot climates, vinyl gets too hot, requiring the vehicle owner to stand outside their car for 10 minutes while the air conditioner runs to cool it down enough to be able to get in. Another reason some people opt to reupholster their vehicle's interior is fading. Regardless of material, the sun can take its toll over time.

Conversely, people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle or have small children are better off with leather seats rather than cloth. Fabric upholstery is constantly getting dirty, whereas leather is much easier to clean.

Additionally, classic vintage vehicles may have been restored to their former glory on the exterior but are in desperate need of help on the inside. A custom reupholstery job will make your baby showroom ready again.

Vehicle Restoration

There's more to restoring a vehicle than just replacing broken parts under the hood or fixing the body. Seat springs become undone and uncomfortable. Your convertible needs new material to look good again. The dashboard is faded and ripped. A quality auto upholsterer can fix all these problems and more. Talk to a company such as Rich's Custom Upholstery for more information.


19 December 2018

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