Your Car's Brakes And Tires


When you get in your car, there are so many things to be concerned with. You want to be sure you have gas and that you have recently checked the fluids, that your wipers work, and that your brakes and tires are dependable. Your cars brakes and tires are two very important parts of that car to think about and you do not want to cause issues for them or not see the signs of trouble ahead of time. Here are some things you want to know about your car's brakes and tires.

Your car's brakes can overheat

If you use your car's brakes too much in the wrong situation, they can heat up to the point that it can cause permanent damage that needs to be taken care of by a mechanic. However, most of all is you will be at risk of ending up getting in an accident when your brakes get too hot. One of the most common reasons for the brakes on a car to become overheated is due to a person riding the brakes when going downhill, such as when driving through a mountain pass. Instead of stepping on the brakes excessively, downshift the car to slow it down when going downhill.

Your car's tires can be damaged by too much sun

If you have ever passed by an RV with its wheels covered, you may have wondered why they were like that. When a car, or any vehicle with tires, is going to be sitting for a long period of time without being moved, the tires are at risk of getting damaged by the sun. If the car sits long enough, the tires can even become brittle. Therefore, if you are not going to be using your car for a while, you want to protect the tires with tire covers. You can make your own out of wood or cardboard, the tires just need to be offered shade from the sun.

Your brakes can act up for a couple simple reasons

If you notice that your brakes aren't feeling the same when you step on them then there is always reason for concern. Brakes that don't feel right can be a huge safety risk. However, check the fluid and if it is low, then filling it up may fix the issue. Another thing that can make your brakes feel off is air in the line. You can take the car in and the air can be removed from the line in just a few minutes.

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7 February 2019

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