3 Reasons To Take Your Vehicle In For A Yearly Tune-Up


You should take your vehicle in for a tune-up at least once a year, regardless of how many miles you drove that year. Most vehicles recommend tune-ups at specific mileage points. However, if you don't hit that mileage point, you should still take your vehicle in for a check-up on a yearly basis. Taking your vehicle in for a yearly check-up offers you a wide range of benefits.

#1 Be Able to Take Care of Small Problems

When you take your vehicle in for a yearly check-up, you will be able to take care of issues when they are small instead of when they explode and cost you more money.

For example, a faulty sensor for your vehicle exhaust system can be an affordable fix. If you leave the bad sensor alone for a year, though, and don't take care of it, you may have to replace or perform extensive repairs to your entire vehicle exhaust system.

Many vehicle repairs start out as small issues, such as a sensor that needs to be fixed or a gasket that needs to be replaced. When these small repairs are not taken care of, however, they can easily turn into larger problems that are much more time consuming and expensive to take care of.

#2 Save Money on Repairs

Getting a yearly inspection and taking care of the small problems before they become big problems will save you money on maintenance over the life of your vehicle. Big issues, such as replacing an engine or a transmission, don't even have to occur if you get a yearly check-up for your vehicle. Investing a little money each year can save you from a big issue down the road.

#3 Increase the Value of Your Vehicle

Getting a yearly check-up can increase the value of your vehicle when you sell it via private party or when you trade it in. You will get more money for your vehicle when it is not suffering from major mechanical issues caused by not taking care of your vehicle. You will get more money for your vehicle when you can show that you took care of your vehicle.

Call your local auto repair shop today, and set-up a yearly check-in. This is a great way to take care of your car and protect it from larger problems later on. Regular maintenance is the key to getting as many miles and as much value as possible from your vehicle.


4 May 2019

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