How An Auto Glass Company Replaces A Shattered Sun Roof


Sunroofs are pretty durable; however, they can crack, especially if you are in an auto accident or if some heavy road debris hits your sunroof. When your sunroof cracks or shatters, you want to contact an auto glass replacement company right away to replace the glass in order to protect the interior of your vehicle.

Get Rid of the Damaged Glass

The first thing they will do is get rid of the damaged glass from your sunroof. They will remove any shattered glass and make sure that there aren't any remaining shards around the top that will hamper the installation of a new piece of glass. They will also clean up and remove any glass that has gotten inside of your vehicle as well. They will make sure the inside of your vehicle is free of glass.

Remove the Old Seal

Once the glass has been removed, they will remove the old seal that was holding the glass in place. More than likely, the seal was damaged when the sunroof shattered. Even if the seal was not damaged, it is best to use a new seal when installing a new piece of glass. The seal around the sunroof is designed to age with the glass.

Once the seal is removed, they will make sure that all the adhesive is removed that was holding the sealant in place. This can take some time, as solvents usually have to be used to dissolve the adhesive and sometimes razor blades have to be used to cut away the remaining adhesive.

Installing the New Sunroof

Once everything is clean and prepared, the new sunroof will be put in place. The glass company will see if you want to use aftermarket glass or OEM glass. Most glass companies try to keep aftermarket glass in stock, but if you want OEM glass, they may have to order it, which could add some time to the installation process.

Once they have the glass, they will carefully fit the new glass in place, putting in a new seal as well. They will make sure that the glass fits securely and that water cannot leak around the seal. Once the adhesive is settled, they will clean up the inside of your vehicle again.

If your sunroof has cracked, get it into your local auto glass replacement company as soon as possible. They can remove the damaged glass, the old seal, and the old adhesive while installing an entirely new sunroof for you.


19 June 2019

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