Need Brake Work? 4 Questions To Ask Your Mechanic


If you drive your car on a fairly regular basis, there's a good chance it will need brake service at some point in the next few years. Driving with worn brakes pads is not only dangerous, but it can cause damage to other parts of your brake assembly, such as the calipers and rotors. The best way to avoid costly repairs down the road is to schedule brake inspections on your vehicle regularly and to have brake service done at recommended intervals.

Before you choose a mechanic for this important auto service, however, there are some questions worth asking the mechanic.

What Exactly Does My Car Need?

Start by scheduling a brake assessment, which any reputable mechanic should provide for free. This will tell you the extent of the work that needs to be done on your brakes. If your brake pads aren't too worn, you should only need to replace the pads themselves, which is a relatively quick and easy job. If your brake pads are very worn and have damaged other components, such as your rotors, you may need more extensive brake repairs.

What Other Services Will You Include?

Find out exactly what's included with your brake service and what may cost extra. For example, will your mechanic top off your brake fluids? What about flushing old brake fluid? By having a better idea of what the mechanic will be doing to your vehicle and what you may need to pay extra for, you can make sure you're getting the best value for your money.

Do Brake Parts Come With a Warranty?

Brake components are not parts that you want to "cheap-out" on, so make sure the parts your mechanic will be installing on your vehicle are quality-made and built to last. Ideally, you'll want your mechanic to use replacement parts that come with a warranty, and your mechanic should provide a labor warranty as well.

How Long Will Brake Service Take?

If your brakes will not be done the same day you bring your vehicle in, see if your mechanic will provide you with a courtesy "loaner" car so you'll still be able to get around until your vehicle is ready to be picked up. If your mechanic doesn't offer this, check with your auto insurance company; some polices include rental car reimbursement if you need to rent a vehicle while yours is in the shop for repairs, but restrictions and exclusions may apply.


14 August 2019

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