The Touch Up And Blending Guide To Fix Damaged Paint When Doing Auto Detailing


When you are planning on doing auto detailing for the exterior of your car, there may be some paint that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, these problems with the paint job require repairs that go beyond normal detailing. The following blending and detailing guide will help you fix the damage to your paint when doing auto detailing.

Preliminary Washing To Examine The Damage To The Surface Of Paint That Needs To Be Repaired

To start the process of touching up damaged finishes, you are going to want to wash your car. Remove all the dirt and grime to expose the paint job and any damage to the finish. You will want to look for the deep scratches and chips in the paint that need to be repaired. If there are minor scrapes and scratches that are only on the surface, the auto detailing service will make these disappear when you have the detailing done.

Carefully Remove Any Chipped Paint And Lightly Sand The Surface Of The Damaged Paint

Once you have identified the damaged areas of the paint, you will be ready to repair it. Remove any chipped paint carefully and sand the area with light-grit sandpaper. You will just want to sand the area lightly enough for the touchup paint to bond with the original finish. This will ensure the repair is even with the original paint so that the repairs are not noticeable after the auto detailing has been completed.

Find The Right Color Paint To Match The Original Paint And Fix The Damaged Area

The most important step when doing touchup work to the paint job of your car is getting the right paint. You will want to get the original factory paint numbers to get matching touch up paint to do these repairs. Lightly touch up the area with damage and that has been sanded until the coat is smooth and even with the original finish.

Buffing The Area Of The Finish That Has Been Repaired To Blend The New and Old Paint Together

After the touchup paint repairs have been completed, you will be ready to blend the paint. Use a buffing wheel to buff the new and original paint together. You can do this lightly, and just enough for the paint colors to blend together. The rest of the buffing and touchup work can be done by the auto detailing service to ensure your car has a new finish without any visible repairs.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about touching up and blending damaged paint to prepare for auto detailing. If you need professional help with fixing minor paint damage and detailing your car, contact an auto detailing service.


21 May 2020

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