Mercedes Benz Sprinter Repair: 3 Common Issues To Look Out For In Your Van


A van's performance, reliability, comfort, and safety features make it ideal as a cargo or camping vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps your van in top shape for optimal performance. Getting prompt van repair prevents extensive damage to parts and reduces the overall cost of maintenance.

To keep your van in the best shape, you need to identify the most likely problems to look out for. Read on to discover some issues to look out for in your van.

1. Glow Plug Failure

Most vans come with innovative set warning signs for any developing issues. If you notice a check light engine for plugs, it's likely you have a glow plug problem. Unlike petrol engines, diesel vans use glow plugs that increase cylinder temperatures to aid diesel combustion.

If your van travels thousands of miles every year, the glow plugs might fail, and this is a problem that requires prompt repairs. Signs of glow plug problems include engine misfires, which result in low power output or acceleration.

You should also check for a drop in fuel efficiency. A van repair center has the tools to diagnose the problem and remove the failed plugs if they're stuck in the head.

2. Broken Exhaust Flex Pipe

Cargo vans do thousands of miles without failure, and that's why many companies include them in their fleet. However, this reliability can become a downside if you don't have your van checked regularly.

One common issue that arises in these vans is a broken exhaust flex pipe. A turbo engine in your van means the exhaust gases are hotter, and this could lead to flex joint issues. If you notice any signs of an exhaust leak, it's time to look for van repair.

3. Oil Cooler Leak

An oil cooler gasket failure in your van can lead to warning signs on the instrument cluster. The most common signs are "Check oil Level" or "Oil Level Low". You'll also notice low oil level measurements and oil puddles when you park your van. The oil cooler gasket repair requires specialized skills from a certified auto technician. The repairs can include the replacement of the oil gasket with longer-lasting materials.

Cargo vans are reliable workhorses but can only serve you with proper maintenance. If you notice any of the warning signs pointing to the above problems, look for a certified repair shop to get your van back in shape, like a Mercedes Bens Sprinter van repair shop.


10 June 2021

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