Is Now the Time for Brake and Lamp Inspections?


An unsafe vehicle presents many hazards on the road, which is why routine inspections are very helpful. An inspection might uncover problems the driver never thought about until receiving a citation or, worse, becoming involved in an accident. Brake and lamp inspection could keep drivers out of trouble; although some might think the former is more important than the latter, ultimately, every part of a vehicle should work properly, or else the chances of a collision increase. Driving with only some working lights may result in fatal collisions, which drivers should keep in mind when considering booking an inspection.

Brakes and Brake Lights are Both Vital

Ignoring problems with a vehicle's brakes seems like a terrible idea, for example, if a driver is not able to stop at an intersection because their brakes failed. Many drivers realize the dangers, but they could ignore warning signs, such as a "soft" pedal or grinding noises. As for the brake lights, they might not think of them at all. Drivers may not know a problem even exists since these rear lights might be out of the driver's line of vision. When those lights don't work, other drivers might not realize you are trying to stop, which may end up leading to a tragic accident.

The Non-Working Brake Light

When a vehicle approaches a stop sign, the driver, hopefully, applies the brakes. The brake lights tell the drivers and others behind them that they intend to stop. Not everyone may realize a stop sign or red light is present, so the brake lights lend an additional assist. And then there are scenarios where no one expects the vehicle to stop, such as when something appears in the street and a car wants to avoid crashing into it. Unfortunately, a car can't send the necessary warning without having working brake lights, and as a result, they might suffer a rear-end collision. 

Inspection Requests

Full brake inspections could take place twice a year, and owners usually combine them with tire rotations. Getting all your lamps checked during the inspection could be time and money well spent. However, waiting until the six-month mark arrives before requesting an examination when an apparent problem persists is probably going to be a bad idea, though. Whenever something seems off, having a technician check things out could uncover an issue, and they are able to fix it in order to avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

Legal Point

Drivers need to realize failing to maintain a vehicle properly could leave them open to civil claims. Legal and self-preservation reasons might be enough to lead some to get routine brake, lamp, and other inspections.

For more information about getting a brake inspection, contact a local auto service near you to learn more.


19 July 2021

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