How You Can Protect Your Car That's Sitting In Direct Sunlight


Direct sunlight can be harmful to several parts of your vehicle, from your tires to your belts to the seats themselves. Preventative maintenance for vehicles kept in constant sunlight involves blocking off UV rays to your car's most valuable parts while keeping other components in good shape and giving regular inspections to catch any trouble before it gets serious.

Cover Tires and Check Pressure

Tires are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of direct sunlight. High heat and exposure to UV rays can wear down tires even when they aren't in use and can dramatically decrease their lifespans. Using tire covers can help protect them from direct sunlight, but beyond this, it's also helpful to check your tires' pressure at regular intervals, as shifts in temperature can cause pressure inside to change.

As a bonus, if you aren't currently using the vehicle, you can lift it onto blocks to prevent flat spotting.

Check Fluids and Belts Regularly

High temperatures and UV rays can have similar effects on internal components like belts, which can start to crack and become brittle. Fluids will also dissipate more quickly, and in hot weather, it's very important to make sure none of your engine fluid runs out, as this can contribute to your engine overheating and possibly getting damaged. Keeping your fluids topped off and giving a quick inspection under the hood every month or two should be enough to help catch any problem signs early, but also listen for any strange sounds when you start your car that might hint at a parts failure.

Keep Its Battery Charged

Whether you're actively using your vehicle or not, keeping its battery charged is important to avoid replacing an expensive part. There are a few ways you can do this. You can run the engine for a short while every month or two, preferably by taking your car for a short drive to adjust its position, or by periodically using a trickle charger. When you charge it, inspect its terminals and keep it clean of dust and dirt, which can both cause damage and cause the battery to discharge more quickly.

Block Direct Rays Where Possible

Even if you can't park in shade, you can take steps to block direct UV rays wherever possible. For interiors, steering wheel and seat covers are helpful, especially for leather seats. Windshield screens also block UV rays and also keep your car cooler. For the exterior, tire covers are best, but a cover for your whole car is also very effective, especially if you aren't using your car.

If you do opt to keep your car mostly covered, regularly inspect it for pests who may use your car cover as shelter. Pests can gnaw on wires and make nests in your engine. If necessary, use pest repellent to keep them away if you know you have issues with certain insects or rodents.

For more information about preventative vehicle maintenance, contact an auto service. 


17 November 2021

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