3 Must-Know RV Problems That Demand Professional Repairs


Recreational vehicles (RVs) are ideal for anyone that wishes to travel or go on vacation without spending much on restaurants and hotels. The reason is typical RVs come with numerous essential features, including living quarters designed to accommodate you and your loved ones. However, although these vehicles help you cut expenses and stay on vacation longer, they are often susceptible to various problems that undermine their functionality. Fortunately, RV repair experts can fix these issues in no time, allowing you to resume traveling. The most common RV problems are listed below.

1. Plumbing faults

An RV needs excellent plumbing to supply water and ensure the kitchenette and bathroom amenities are functional. Without such conveniences, you'll be forced to use public washrooms while you're on the road, which can be pretty inconvenient and unhealthy. A recent study indicates that public restrooms have around 77,990 viruses and bacteria. As much as plumbing is vital in RVs, sometimes it's affected by a couple of common issues. For instance, you may find the toilet in your vehicle leaks due to a cracked toilet seal or a broken connection. If not, the water pump or faucets may be functioning erratically.

2. Flat tires and blowouts

Expect your RV's tires to wear out as you cover more miles. The reason is the more you travel, the more your wheels are exposed to road debris. As deterioration escalates, two problems become imminent: flat tires and blowouts. Such tire issues are often caused by tire damage resulting from aggravated wear and tear, incorrect tire pressures, ignored scheduled tire replacements, and an overloaded RV. Either way, such tire issues are detrimental because they suck out the fun in an adventurous trip and leave you stranded in dangerous places in the middle of nowhere. Plus, driving with a flat tire is inadvisable since it damages the entire wheel system.  

3. Faulty HVAC unit

Your average RV should have an air conditioning unit built into its ceiling or roof. These components are vital in removing excess heat in the vehicle, keeping you cool even in extreme temperatures. But, the air conditioner in your RV may fail to do that because it won't turn on or keeps turning on and off repeatedly. Or, you may notice leaks or strange noises coming from the RV's air conditioning system. Either way, these issues can lead to complete unit failure, which is a big issue, especially in the blistering summer heat.

The Bottom Line

If your RV has a problem that compromises its operation, seek an RV repair service and let the professionals sort it out. That is a more cost-effective solution that allows you to preserve the vehicle's warranty and enjoy timely repairs. Plus, skilled RV repair technicians have tools like adjustable wrenches, tire pressure gauges, and cordless drills, which are required to do a thorough, top-notch job. 


27 December 2021

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