About Extended Warranties And Why They Are A Good Idea


An extended car warranty is a prolonged warranty that you have the option of getting in addition to the standard warranty that you would already receive when you purchase your car. Some people swear by extended warranties, while others choose to go without them. The decision is up to you, but you should learn more about the advantages before you turn down an extended warranty for your new vehicle. Here is more information on them, as well as information on having your car repaired under the extended warranty: 

Some benefits of extended warranties

Peace of mind—Many car owners find the peace of mind of having the extended warranty is worth it, even if they never end up needing to use it. When you opt for an extended warranty, you may also find that knowing your car would be covered if something were to happen to it that would otherwise be quite costly can leave you feeling much at ease. 

Impressive savings—If there does end up being a repair issue with your car during the period in which you have the extended warranty, then you can end up saving a lot of money on the repairs. In fact, having an extended warranty could even end up saving you thousands of dollars, depending on the repairs that were needed. The auto mechanic will be able to tend to the repairs while billing the repairs under the warranty, so you won't have to worry about coming up with the money upfront and then needing to wait for reimbursement. This is one more great thing that should give you peace of mind as well. 

Flexibility—Extended car warranties tend to offer flexibility that may surprise you. You will have the ability to choose which auto mechanic you use for the repairs your car needs that are covered under that warranty. 

Additional benefits—When you get an extended car warranty, there are often more things covered in it than you may realize. Along with being able to have an auto mechanic make necessary repairs, you will also have things covered such as: 

  • Roadside assistance, including towing, tire changes, battery charging, gas delivery, etc.

  • Car rental reimbursement, so you can have a rental car while the auto mechanic works on your car

  • Trip protection, such as reimbursement for prepaid costs when a trip is canceled due to car issues

  • Monthly payment plans for your extended car warranty that are affordable


When you decide to get an extended warranty for your car, you can rest assured that you can take your car to an auto mechanic for the repairs right away and with confidence that everything will be taken care of promptly.

For more information, contact a mechanic for extended warranty cars


29 April 2022

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