Use Your Senses: How To Tell When Your Transmission Needs Repairs


If it's time to get your transmission serviced, don't delay the appointment. Waiting too long to get your transmission serviced could lead to serious problems. In fact, you could end up with transmission damage. Once that happens, you'll need to get your car to the repair shop as fast as possible. If you postpone the repairs, you could end up with even bigger transmission issues. Not sure about your transmission? Read the list provided below.

Here are four signs that your car has gone from needing maintenance to needing repairs.  

You'll Smell Unusual Odors

If you're wondering about your automotive transmission, smell the air the next time you're driving. Your car will emit some strange odors once the transmission needs repairs. Those odors come from burnt fluid or an overheated transmission. These are signs that your transmission has gone from maintenance to repairs. As soon as you smell odors coming from the transmission, take your car in for repairs. 

You'll Hear Loud Noises

If you're not sure about the transmission, it's time to take a listen. If the transmission in your car has sustained damage, you'll hear some distinct sounds. One of those sounds is a loud thud or clank. The thuds and clanks will happen when the transmission changes gears. These types of sounds should not get ignored. Waiting too long could lead to extensive transmission damage. To avoid that risk, take your car in for repairs as soon as you hear the noises. 

You'll See Puddles

If your transmission hasn't gotten the service it needs, you need to look under the car. Routine maintenance helps keep the transmission in good condition. Lack of routine maintenance could cause the seals and gaskets to wear out. When that happens, your transmission will develop some leaks. If you see red or brown fluid under your car, it's time to visit a repair shop. The puddles are coming from the transmission. This is a sign that your transmission needs immediate repairs. 

You'll Feel Delays

If you're worried about your transmission, feel for the delays. Transmission problems can cause delays when shifting gears. This includes when shifting from park into drive. If there's a problem, you'll feel a delay before your car starts moving forward. Delays can also happen while you're driving. For instance, you might feel a delay when switching from second to third. If you feel the delays, don't wait for repairs. Visit a mechanic right away.

Reach out to a transmission repair shop to learn more.


19 January 2023

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