2 Signs The Torque Converter In Your Car's Automatic Transmission Is Failing


As an integral part of your car's ability to run, the transmission's torque converter is responsible for converting the power from the engine into the transmission so that it can be delivered to the drivetrain. When this conversion takes place, your transmission will not operate correctly, and you will notice a definite loss of power.

Usually, your transmission will start to show signs indicating that the torque converter is starting to go bad. Below are a couple of these signs that the torque converter in your car's automatic transmission is failing and needs to be fixed by a professional.

1. Your Car Accelerates Excessively Before the Transmission Changes Gears

One sign that the torque converter in your car's automatic transmission is failing is when you hear your engine revving too much as you try to accelerate. It may take several seconds of excessive acceleration before the transmission finally changes gears.

When your car excessively accelerates because of gear slippage and delay, it is hard on both the engine and transmission. Because continuing to drive with a failing torque converter can strip the gears and overheat the engine, you need to have a repair technician inspect the transmission to see if the torque converter needs to be replaced as well as to see if any other damage needs to be repaired.

2. You Notice a Loud Clicking or Thumping Noise During the Transmission's Shift Changes

Another sign that the transmission's torque converter is going bad is when you hear a loud clicking or thumping noise. You will hear this sound either just before or during the transmission's shift changes.

If the gears within the converter itself are worn or out of alignment, they will hit one another as the power goes through the torque converter and transmission. Because these noises indicate a serious mechanical issue with the torque converter, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible.

When the torque converter for your car's transmission goes bad, it will no longer be able to effectively convert the engine's power to the drivetrain. Not only will this cause gear slippage and excessive acceleration, but you will lose power while driving when you need it most, and eventually, will not be able to drive at all. Before this happens, take your car to a transmission repair shop so they can confirm that the torque converter is causing the issues and decide how to best proceed with fixing it.

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26 July 2023

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