3 Tips To Keep Your Car's Cooling System Running Properly


When the weather begins to heat up, many drivers rely on their vehicle's cooling system to maintain a comfortable temperature while commuting. If your cooling system goes out, you may find yourself forced to drive without access to the cool air you have become accustomed to. Here are three tips you can use to help ensure that your car's cooling system continues to work properly through the summer months. 1. Have your accessory belt inspected regularly.

13 April 2016

Replace Your Car Battery Before You Become Stranded


Few experiences with your car are worse than being in the parking lot with your car full of groceries and a dead battery. You'll normally get some signs that the battery is coming to the end of its life. When you notice them, replace the battery before it becomes exhausted. Here is how to spot a dying car battery and how to replace it yourself. Symptoms of a Bad Battery

25 February 2016

Four Reasons You Should Replace Your Vehicle


If you have an older vehicle that needs regular repairs, you might be deciding if it is still worth it, or if it is time for a new one. This is often a difficult choice as there are good reasons to hold onto your current car and good reasons to get a brand new one. Here are some times when you should consider replacing it and upgrading. You Keep Repairing the Same Parts

11 February 2016

3 Ways To Know That Your Brakes Are No Longer In Optimal Condition


If the brakes in your car have not been serviced in quite a while, they could be in need of repair or replacement. However, in order for you to know when it is time to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have them inspected, you need to know the signs associated with brake issues. Here are a few ways to know that your brakes are no longer in optimal condition:

4 February 2016

Four Tips For Tire Care Safety


The tires on your vehicle are extremely important to take care of. This is because the tires help you to drive safely on the road, brake properly, and more. In order to be sure that you are taking care of them properly, you will want to follow the f following tips that can both extend the lifespan of your tires and ensure that they are in the right condition to keep you safe on the roads: 

21 January 2016

3 Things To Consider When Repairing Your Transmission


Your vehicle depends on the transmission to get you where it needs to go. Without a working transmission, your vehicle cannot shift into the next gear. This means you could be stuck going a few miles per hour with no way to change that. If your transmission is acting up, you have to make a decision as to whether you should repair your existing transmission or replace it with a new one.

26 December 2015

What Should You Do Once You Hit An Animal?


You may be excited when you see a deer or moose on the side of the road. However, that excitement can turn into dread when the animal is in the middle of the road and not the side of the road. While the sight of a deer in the road directly in front of you is bad, seeing the damage done to your car from hitting that moose or deer is even worse.

11 November 2015