3 Warning Signs that Your Suspension Needs to be Replaced


Your suspension helps you control your vehicle, especially when you need to turn or stop. Suspension systems are often referred to by the parts that make up the whole system, such as struts or shocks. Here are a few signs that your suspension system needs to be upgraded. #1 You Can Feel Every Bump When you drive down the road, you should not be able to feel every little bump and divot that you run over.

11 August 2016

Three Signs That Your Car May Have A Problem With Overheating


Overheating is a common problem in many cars during hot weather. When a car overheats, there is something wrong with the cooling system that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you think that your car may be having an issue with overheating, use the guide below to learn a few common signs of the problem so you can better assess if your car is overheating. Look for a Warning Light

2 August 2016

It Might Not Be the Fluid: Four More Causes of Transmission Slipping


Most causes of transmission slipping are related to the transmission fluid. For example, transmission slipping can be caused by low fluid levels, burnt fluid, or contaminated fluid. However, this doesn't mean that the fluid is the only suspect if your transmission is slipping. Here are four possible causes of the problem that aren't directly fluid related. Damaged Transmission Bands Transmission bands connect different parts of the transmission system; for example, they connect the different transmission gears together.

13 July 2016

3 Things That Can Cause Car Gears To Slowly Shift


Is there a brief delay before your car finally goes into the correct gear? You must understand that fear problems are related to there being something wrong with the transmission, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the transmission is damaged. Parts in your car that are responsible for helping the transmission function can also be the root of the problem. This article explains a few things that can become problematic for an automatic transmission and cause delayed gear shifting.

15 May 2016

How To Inspect Your Brake Rotors--And What To Look For


Replacing old or worn brake pads is a simple enough task that many amateur mechanics choose to undertake it on their own. Yet not all of them realize that this is job provides the perfect opportunity to inspect their brake rotors. If you have plans to replace your brake pads soon, and would like to kill two birds with one stone, read on. This article will present an overview of the brake rotor inspection process.

4 May 2016

3 Tips To Keep Your Car's Cooling System Running Properly


When the weather begins to heat up, many drivers rely on their vehicle's cooling system to maintain a comfortable temperature while commuting. If your cooling system goes out, you may find yourself forced to drive without access to the cool air you have become accustomed to. Here are three tips you can use to help ensure that your car's cooling system continues to work properly through the summer months. 1. Have your accessory belt inspected regularly.

13 April 2016

Replace Your Car Battery Before You Become Stranded


Few experiences with your car are worse than being in the parking lot with your car full of groceries and a dead battery. You'll normally get some signs that the battery is coming to the end of its life. When you notice them, replace the battery before it becomes exhausted. Here is how to spot a dying car battery and how to replace it yourself. Symptoms of a Bad Battery

25 February 2016